It starts with good situational awareness

Whether you are in a foreign country or visiting the local shops, situational awareness is a skill worth having. Staying out of trouble is always better than knowing how to get out of trouble.

Situational awareness is the ability to observe and comprehend what’s going on in your environment and how it directly relates to you. This allows you to understand what actions to take in order to stay in control of your environment.

Being in control of your own environment is the only way to ensure your safety. Relying on others to look after you is a sure way to come unstuck.

There are 3 simple steps to improving situational awareness and ensuring your perceived reality is aligned with the actual reality:

  • Detect – be observant and collect information from your environment. Use all your senses to discover and identify the presence of everything in your environment. This can include other people’s future intentions, knowing what is normal for that environment and when that norm has changed.
  • Comprehend – interpreting the information you detect and understanding what it means, e.g. the intended meaning of words and actions. Once we recognise and understand change we are able to better predict the future.
  • Plan & Act – make a plan and commit to it. Take action to avoid danger and stay in control of your own environment.

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