Veteran Experiences

Served your country and now looking for your next challenge or career?

In conjunction with the Tasmanian State Government, Point Assist is proud to bring you the Veteran’s Active Recreation Program, supporting the health and well-being of returned service personnel.

Created for veterans by veterans, this three-year program will deliver a series of 5-day small group events providing unique outdoor experiences and career pathways in the adventure and ecotourism industry.

Under the guidance of veteran mentors, participants will utilise the skills and experience gained throughout their military careers to plan and complete a remote Tasmanian wilderness activity.

Point Assist understands that the journey of a returned service person is complex. Our creative and practical hands on program takes the discipline, motivation and initiative learned in the ADF, to provide responsibility, challenge, and accomplishment, the very things veterans often lose and miss post military.

These ‘choose your own adventure’ style events place participants firmly in the driver’s seat of their own experience, the very environments where veterans thrive. With the support provided through our program we will help participants:

  • Find physical and psychological focus
  • Encourage self-reflection
  • Foster self-belief
  • Develop new networks
  • Explore new career pathways and employment opportunities
  • Discover how unique military skills and experience are directly transferable to the civilian world
  • Create purpose and fulfilment

Training Leaders

Mark Direen – Former Australian Special Forces team leader, with over 20 years military service. A security and safety consultant, adventure travel and expedition guide; to adventurer and photographer. Mark has a diverse range of expertise.

Harry Moffitt – Former Special Forces soldier turned registered psychologist, specialising in human performance. Harry can also be found at Stotan Group.

Next Event

When: 6 – 10 May 2024
Where: Hobart, Tasmania
What: A ‘see for yourself’ style experience, this event focuses on showcasing how Point Assist operates within the adventure travel and adventure tourism industries. We will highlight Tasmania’s Mount Field National Park while hiking through some of Australia’s most spectacular glaciated landscapes and temperate rainforests.
Applications Close:  Sunday 31 March 2024

Is the VARP for me?

Read on to discover the answers to some common questions regarding the training:

Is there a cost for the program?
The program is fully funded by the Tasmanian State Government so there are no fees for participants. This was important to us so as not to create any barriers to entry for the program.

Is this program open only for Tasmanian Veterans or can interstate participants apply?
While priority for the program is for Tasmanian veterans it does not preclude interstate applicants from applying.
Do I have to have been on an overseas deployment to qualify for the program? 
Each applicant is assessed on their individual merits. The program is open to all ADF members and overseas deployment is not a prerequisite.
Can current serving members apply?
Current serving members actively looking for programs to assist with transition from the military in the foreseeable future are eligible to apply

What is the format of the Program?
The first 2 days will be education and preparedness training in Hobart followed by a 3 day wilderness activity.

What are the timings for the event?
Commencing 08:00 on the Monday of the event week and concluding at 17:00 Friday of the same week.

Is accommodation provided during the training?
Yes, accommodation is included in the program. Accommodation will be shared dormitory style lodgings for first two nights and wilderness camping the following two nights. (Accommodation before and after event at participant’s own cost).
What do I need to bring?
Essential equipment is supplied for the wilderness hike however people are encouraged to bring their own gear if this is personal preference. Participants are only required to bring their personal field clothes, boots, cold and wet weather gear.

Is food supplied?
Food will be supplied for the wilderness activities during the program. 

Ready to thrive post military? Apply below or contact us to find out more about this program.