If you reflect on the things you value most what tops the list?

For many, the bulk of their time is spent focused on material wealth and possessions but apart from an initial buzz, how memorable are they?

In comparison, think back to your last experience and notice how your senses activate.… the smallest of things you can recall in vivid detail. This is the fabric of lasting memories.

New experiences offer us the opportunity for one of the most fundamental of human needs – growth.

As we move beyond the familiarity of our comfort zone we display courage in our willingness to be a beginner.
As we face our fears we strengthen our resilience.
As we try and stumble we develop humility.
As we persevere we develop tenacity.
And as we become more comfortable with being uncomfortable we build the confidence to stretch a little further.

With every experience we discover more about ourselves… our strengths, our weaknesses, what brings us joy and what we are truly capable of.

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