Corporate Experiences

Tired of traditional theory based workshops?

Working in and leading teams in some of the world’s harshest environments, Point Assist are experts in team building and leadership.

Using active hands on learning environments, our experiences provide participants the opportunity to apply key knowledge and skills,  gain direct experience and undertake focused reflection to promote deep learning and position teams for success.

Perfect for frontline teams and managers, our experiences give you the skills and opportunity to:

  • Build team culture through mutual trust and respect
  • Communicate with influence
  • Uncover your why to accelerate results
  • Develop capability through reflection and continuous improvement
  • Manage change and excel in uncertainty
  • Detect strengths and weaknesses and leverage these for performance
  • Take action through accountability and ownership
  • Cultivate situational awareness & environment control; perfect for teams working in complex, foreign or fast paced environments

Tailoring solutions to the individual needs of your workplace, these unique experiences are for any organisation looking to take their performance to the next level.

​Contact us to discuss options for your organisation