Be A Hard Target

In terms of criminal activity, did you know most criminals go through a victim selection process to assess the ease with which they could overpower a victim. This is often based on nonverbal signals which victims are usually not even aware of.     
Attackers fear failure so one of the most important aspects of personal safety success is the ability to make yourself a hard target.  You may not be an MMA champion but let’s not tell the world that. 
Some practical rules:

  • Move with purpose and confidence 
  • Don’t look like a tourist – avoid shorts, thongs, fanny pack, camera on display
  • Dress local and modest – the more flashy your attire, the more of a target you can become
  • Be situationally aware – put your phone and camera away while on the move 
  • Avoid traveling alone in hazardous areas
  • Learn about where you are going – study up and have a plan. Know the routes to your destinations, be aware of landmarks, transport, police, medical aid and safe areas (Embassy or Consulate)
  • Talk to the locals – for in country advice on how to behave and move in public
  • Trust your gut – when something feels off it generally is              

Speak with authority if a stranger approaches and never negotiate your own security in the name of politeness. Avoid soft responses like “maybe”, “sorry” and “I’m not sure”. Instead, be firm and say “No.”
Don’t give them an inch or let them gain more control. Turn your “No” into a complete sentence and take charge of your personal safety.

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