Our Why

“To assist others evolve from experience.”

In helping others achieve and advance, we pride ourselves in our ability to be:

 Adventurous – unusual and exciting;
Authentic – of undisputed origin; genuine and unscripted; and
Audacious – showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold and daring risks

Director – Mark Direen

As a former Australian Special Forces Team Leader and high-risk environment consultant, Mark has worked and led teams in some of the world’s most hostile and unforgiving environments.

His 30 year career in the military, security and adventure travel fields has given him a unique skill set and the experience to provide practical solutions to even the most complex and challenging situations.

Mark is passionate about improving people’s lives – the way they think and live. Through experience Mark helps people and organisations find direction, set and reach goals, build high performing teams, operate effectively in challenging environments and develop the resilience necessary to succeed.

Our Team

Our operators won’t be what you expect.

They possess abilities gained from years of operating in uniquely challenging environments. We are experts in leadership, teamwork, navigation, survival and living in harsh environments.

Our guides’ expertise, flexibility, experience and specialised knowledge will support you through an experience you will never forget.

Australian Veteran Owned Business